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A Coach’s Take: Keenum, Get off his Case


Case Keenum is not an elite NFL quarterback, or even a good NFL quarterback! But what remains true is that Keenum gives the 3-5 Los Angeles Rams the best chance to sneak into the playoffs. If this sounds crazy to you, note that the Rams have already beaten both the Seahawks and Cardinals this season. Despite being on a 4 game losing streak, fans should not put all the blame on a quarterback playing exactly as you would expect him to play. Now, let me explain why Case Keenun deserves some slack from fans of LA Rams.


Offensive Line, What Offensive Line

The Rams offensive line is just not good. Evidence of that is seen watching the Rams offense struggle to create running lanes as well as having troubles blocking anyone during pass protection. This offense has given up 20 sacks in 8 games, only because Keenum is a pretty mobile quarterback and usually avoids the rush. I stand my original assessment that the Rams should have drafted an offensive lineman with their first round pick.


Where’s the Run Game

Photo Credit: Thearon W. Henderson
Photo Credit: Thearon W. Henderson

Who is the star in LA? Mr. Todd Gurley, the RUNNING back. The Rams are not built to be an explosive offense that is pass heavy like the majority of NFL teams. Jeff Fisher has built a solid defense that needs the offense to control the clock and grind using the run game. Gurley is averaging 3 yards per carry and yet to surpass 100 yards rushing this season. This puts a lot of pressure on a passing game that is really not up to task.




NFC West is Weak

Yea, I said it! The last few weeks the Seahawks have looked better than most teams in the NFL, but that doesn’t make the division any less crappy right now. At 3-5, the LA Rams are only 2 games behind the Seahawks for the division lead. Considering the Rams had to begin a four-game losing streak to be back by 2 games, I would say they still have a chance if they can figure out a way to win from here on.


Three Consecutive Games lost by 7 Points or Less

This Rams team hasn’t figured out how to win consistently. Anyone who watches football knows that winning organizations always feel like they can win a game within reach. Not the Rams, these guys fold like lawn chairs under pressure, Keenum included. Minus that horrible 4 interception performance, he has played in line with the rest of the mediocrity in Los Angeles. At some point the Rams need some one to step up in the close games. I talking to you Todd Gurley. As unfair as it is to put the pressure on him, he is the only player on the Rams offense who has shown any sign of stardom, so responsibility falls on him.


Photo Credit: Ron Chenoy/USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Ron Chenoy/USA TODAY Sports

Jared Goff is NOT the Answer

2016: The year of the rookie quarterback! Not for the young Goff, who has yet to see the field. The Rams organization is not the best in the NFL, but they are also not idiots. If Goff had shown any distinguishable upside to Keenum, he would have been thrown into the fire early this season. But he hasn’t. Mentally, Goff is years behind Keenum on the field and I believe that is the reason we wont see him until the Rams are out of playoff contention. With a poor offensive line and struggling run game, Case Keenum is using all the wits about him to survive week to week. Putting an undeveloped Jared Goff into this mess of an offensive situation would be unfair to the rookie and the Rams know that.



Maybe you agree with my reasons, maybe you don’t, but either way Case Keenum is still the Rams starting quarterback!

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