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Gold & Burgundy: Washington Redskins Vs. Green Bay Packers, Week 11

My weekly breakdown of the Redskins, Packers from Sunday night. Another win means we start with the Gold/ good.


1- Kirk Cousins- I always start with QB play good or bad. Kirk was nothing short of spectacular. The night had winds up to 30, 40 mph and Kirk was threading the needle! His rating was near perfect on the night and his game matched his numbers. Kirk was hitting guys short, intermediate, and long all night. He made every play he could and commanded the game and was lights out. His energy was high and this was by far his best game as a pro. Now this was against a weaker Green Bay secondary. Injuries were noticeable but this game, prime time, in the wind was awsome.

2- Josh Norman- Josh made a huge play and yes it was a huge moment when Arron Rogers was driving the field. He had tight coverage all night and he has just showed why he is a All Pro type of player. Josh has been a big part of the culture change on this team and his attitude and work ethic has been amazing. He draws the number one every week when teams are okay with lining that guy up on Josh and he is playing awesome football.

3- “Fat’ Rob Kelly- An un-drafted Running Back who is getting the tough yards and is really allowing this offense to perform like a well oiled machine. He hits holes hard ad fights for every yard. His vision is good and he didn’t average a great YPC all game but he had a huge impact even without the late 60 plus yard scamper

4- O Line- This is the reason for our rushing and passing success. Even without their All Pro Left Tackle they continue to open up holes on the ground and give Kirk time and a clean pocket to step up in. This has been the strength or this team along with the Wide Receiver group.

5- Coaching- Jay and co we great last night. From the gutsy 4th and 1 call to just every decision to go for the win had a good strategy behind it. even the failed 2 pt plays twice they were kicking in wind Dustin Hopkins missed a extra point. they played to win the game all the way through and it was the type of game that you need before a big divisional game.

6- Killer Instinct- I’m giving an extra good because this is something I mention every week and this week they didn’t allow Green Bay to take a lead even after their best shots. This was a huge takeaway from this game for me.

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The Burgundy/ bad. Since this was our best game of the year all around there wasnt a bunch of negatives so ill list what I saw.

1- Defensive Pressure- We are getting pressure but we aren’t getting home. We have to get guys to bring down the Quarterback when you get your hands on him. Arron is a mobile guy and he is great at extending plays but if you get your hands on him you have to bring him down.

2- 2 Point Tries-  I was okay with the calls to go for 2. But you have too score those because it kept Green Bay mathematically in the game. The calls weren’t bad we simply didn’t make the plays.

3- Open Field Tackling- For most of the game they were great. But they simply missed a lot of tackles in the open and allowed big plays that led to points. For the most part we played sound defense. Awesome scheme and execution outside of the missed tackles that gave up huge gains on 3rd downs that led to Green Bay sticking around.

4- Green Bay Injuries- It didn’t look to the normal Packers team so while it was nice to get the W, getting a good grade against a full strength team is the goal and best way to judge your teams performance. That said we won and can continue to keep pace in a very tough NFCE. On to Dallas

Happy Thanksgiving Folks

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