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Gold & Burgundy: Washington Redskins @ Cincinnati Bengals, Week 8

Every week I’ll do a segment of 5 good and bad observations of that week’s Redskins game. Gold will represent the good and Burgundy will represent the bad. A win or a loss will determine which goes first, however, since this game resulted in a tie and I thought there was more good play then bad, I will begin with the good.


The Gold
1- It all starts with the Quarterback because they get all the glory or blame and this week Kirk Cousins played what I’d say was his best game of the year, especially with all the attempts. He saw the field very well, and made all the right reads, other then a throw away pick he was lights out. He continues his trend upward over the past few games.

2- Jamison Crowder! This guy is really coming into his own this 2nd year in the league and is headed into tops in the league of the slot WR’s in the league!


3- Clutch defensive plays- Su’a Cravens is building a reputation early in his career to have a knack for showing up in the big crunch time moments, but it wasn’t just him or this would be just his point. Cravens batted a pass late on a blitz and also had a sack in OT. Kerrigan and Smith were also collapsing the pocket and forcing the QB to step up but with good push there was mostly nowhere to step up for Andy Dalton.

4- The fight of this team- Fans of the Redskins have become accustomed to watching this team find ways to lose over the years or give up seemingly in big moments or against good teams. While they didn’t find a way to win this game, they made plays and no matter the penalties or opportunities, they found ways to be in position after leading them getting down and fighting back. This isn’t the team fans have seen as recently as 3 years ago and it will be interesting to see if they can win the big games coming up on the schedule to compete for the division.

5- Sean McVay- Rarely do I give an Offensive Coordinator credit on the good side with the number of passes to runs we had. That being said, from the first drive to the last drive our offense looked to have Cincy on their heels, and while we only put up 27 through 4 quarters and OT, we were moving the ball at will.


The Burgundy
1- Dustin Hopkins- From his first kickoff that got returned 50+ yards because he didn’t just kick it out of the back of the end zone, to the missed game winning kick after being iced by a time out from Marvin Lewis in OT. I’m not going to trash him, I personally couldn’t make those kicks, but as the guy who has been automatic since signing here, I’ll give a pass for it once but still definitely the biggest negative for the Redskins.

2-Beshaud Breeland- Now, I know he hasn’t been as bad as most fans think, I’m a huge Bree fan and he just doesn’t appear to have his normal chip and swag to his game he has had his first 2 seasons. Actually, he made some key tackles in this before going down with an injury. This is a key player who has the knack and skill to make key plays so we need him to rediscover his groove over the bye and come back and close the year strong.

3- Penalties- You simply can’t have the steady flow of flags thrown over and over and expect to win games against teams with the talent Cincinnati has. Some questionable and some missed on the other side but those thigs happen, I don’t harp on officials, you simply have to win no matter what. But playing sloppy doesn’t help, so they have to clean this up.

4- Josh Norman- I didn’t think 3 of the 5 hands to the face were on him as AJ Green threw his arms up on the snap and basically pushed Josh’s hands into his face. Josh wasn’t bad because all in all he could have really had 2 of the 3 picks that he let go through his hands. He makes these plays, he’s a gold for sure because AJ is a top 3 WR in the league so, not horrible to be on a bad side when your fallowing AJ Green around Wembley all day long.


5- The Killer instinct! – The Redskins needed this win to keep up in what is a tough NFC East this year. They were in position time and time again and just didn’t take it. Good teams are great at taking games like this and while we still aren’t a great team, there is no question that if they start answering these calls when they have the chances, they can become really good, really quick. Nobody likes a tie so it’s a shame they couldn’t pull this one out.


I’d like to end with 3 college players to keep an eye on for this year’s rookie class that fit the Redskins scheme:
1- Budda Baker- Safety, Washington
2- Malik McDowell- DT/DE, Michigan State
3- Calib Brantley- DT, Florida

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