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A Coach’s Take: History Repeats Itself for Smith and Foles

A week ago Alex Smith was taken out of the Chief’s game TWICE. He is currently in the concussion protocol, even though sources confirm that he does not have symptoms of a concussion. His backup, Nick Foles, had no problem replacing him and leading the Chiefs to a 30-14 win against the Indianapolis Colts. I’m a firm believer in history repeating itself, so lets take a look back in time.




Alex Smith was enjoying his second season under the Jim Harbaugh regime in San Francisco after making a playoff appearance the previous year. In week 9 Smith suffers a concussion and is replaced by Colin Kaepernick and never regains his starting position for the 49ers.

Photo Credit: Sports Rapport
Photo Credit: Sports Rapport




Photo Credit: Sports World Report
Photo Credit: Sports World Report

Second year quarterback Nick Foles was riding the pine in Philadelphia as expected. Michael Vick gets injured in week 5 and Foles is thrown into action. Despite Vick recovering from injury, Foles remained the starter for the rest  of the season and was voted into the Pro Bowl.


After starting the season 6-2 for the Philadelphia Eagles, Nick Foles broke his collarbone in week 9 and was placed on the injured reserve list. Before the next season Foles was traded to the St. Louis Rams.





Photo Credit: John Rieger/USA TODAY
Photo Credit: John Rieger/USA TODAY

If history has taught us anything, it is that Alex Smith will not be getting his starting position back for the Kansas City Chiefs, and Nick Foles will play well enough for this decision to make sense. If Nick Foles plays as well or better than Alex Smith, the Chiefs will have no reason to start Smith when he is cleared to play again. Historically teams seem to move on rather quickly when a quarterback is replaced by injury and the team still has success. This situation seems to fit that historic narrative perfectly for Alex Smith and Nick Foles.

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