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New type of articles coming soon: ‘Film Study’ Category

Here at TheInsideZone we are committed to bringing daily insightful content that helps educate fans of both the NFL and College. Outside of our normal coverage which includes statistical analysis alongside analysis based on game film, we are now launching a new category ‘Film Study’ where content will be screenshot based as our writers break down exactly what is happening on the Gridiron in order to help you understand how certain situations occur.

This category will step away from the larger picture and focus more in detail on specific plays and patterns and help football fans understand the more technical aspects of the game we all love to watch. We hope you are as excited about this as our writers are. Be sure to tweet @TheInsideZoneUK or our writers with any suggestions about potential articles or comments about exisiting articles. Be sure to watch this space.


– Tom Like, Editor-In-Chief

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