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NFL Trades that make sense before next Tuesdays Trade Deadline

The NFL Trade Deadline is Tuesday 25th October. The three guys from TheInsideZone Podcast give you their opinions on which players it makes sense we might see being traded before next Tuesdays deadline. 


Tom: Joe Thomas to the Seattle for a 2nd round pick



Joe Thomas has been the best and most consistent Left Tackle in Football since being selected 3rd overall in the 2007 draft. Thomas has never missed an offensive snap, let alone a game since being drafted and has played 9,388 consecutive plays. Although I expect Joe Thomas to remain a member of the Browns after the trade deadline passes next Tuesday, this is definitely an interesting option for Seattle. Rumours have circulated the past few years of Cleveland looking to ship their best player Thomas as they consistently undergo rebuilds. Thomas has made the Pro-Bowl every year during his 9-year career and at 31-years old, any team acquiring Thomas will most likely get 2-3 years of high quality Tackle play out of the ironman. I recently interviewed ex-Jaguars LT Tony Boselli who said that “Joe is such a technician” and it is clear that Joe Thomas is someone who you can simply plug in any Offensive Line in the League and instantly upgrade it (minus Dallas who have Tyron Smith).

(Aaron M. Sprecher/ NFL)
(Aaron M. Sprecher/ NFL)

The Seattle Seahawks are not just play-offs but Super Bowl contenders. Their Defense is built to win now and they have a Quarterback in Russell Wilson who over the next 3-5 years will be playing in the prime of his career. Teams need to understand that their windows are very limited and that it is worth spending short-term in order to load up for a shot at immortality (a Super Bowl victory). Look at what’s happened in Carolina. Who did not praise the Panthers organisation for holding firm and not paying Josh Norman? That decision seems flawed now when you consider that it has held that Defense hostage and wasted a year of QB Cam Newton’s prime while the rest of the roster ages.

The Seahawks are an almost complete football team. Their Achilles heel is their offensive line, which is poorly built and is holding this team back. Russell Wilson is already dealing with injuries nearly half way through this season due to the number of hits he is taking. The Seahawks Offensive Line was ranked as the League’s worst by ProFootball Focus heading into the season and has been consistently ranked as the League’s worst unit week-in week-out. Can you imagine Pete Carroll plugging in Joe Thomas at LT and how that would instantly upgrade the Line in terms of pass protection and also run blocking.

However, Thomas was almost shipped off to Denver last season before rumours circulated that he himself refused to leave Cleveland. The Seattle Seahawks currently have $5.18 in cap space, while Joe Thomas’ contract is $9.5m this year with $10m for 2017 and 2018 (most of this in guaranteed money). Seattle would have to cut RG J’Marcuss Web ($2.4m) and DT Ahtyba Rubin ($3m 2016, $3.7m 2017, $5.4m 2018) to make this move feasible. Does this move make a lot of sense for both teams? Absolutely. Is this trade likely to happen? No.


Nick: Alshon Jeffrey to Philadelphia for Marcus Smith and a 3rd round pick



This is your big blockbuster trade pick, though I don’t think it’d necessarily be a wise move. I’ll say this: if Chicago basically know that Jeffrey’s not going to re-sign with them, then trading him is basically the only move. They don’t need him on the roster – there isn’t a young quarterback for him to be invaluable to the development of, nor really are there receivers with Kevin White out. If they think they can re-sign him, then keep keep keep at least for a year or so – there’s going to be a new quarterback next year, he’s going to be young and is going to need a reliable outside threat for his development.

If they do trade, Philadelphia is the obvious target. The Eagles are probably going to have at least a spare third-round pick next year as a result of the Sam Bradford trade, and they’re desperate for wide receivers: Jordan Matthews is a reliable slot or #2 wide receiver, but Nelson Agholor’s been a disappointment, and though Dorial Green-Beckham could become a star, it’s a big risk to bank on that.

And heck, Philly may as well ship out Marcus Smith, who’s been a bust since being Chip Kelly’s first draft pick in 2014. Chicago can put him on the edge, where they’re already weak as it is, and he’s probably not going make the pass rush any worse.


Nick: Sheldon Richardson to Washington for a 2017 2nd round pick and a 2018 4th round pick



Here’s something funny: someone has gone and deleted all the good defensive linemen from the roster on Washington’s Wikipedia page. Wait, what? That is their defensive line? Yeuch, no wonder they’re shipping so much in the run game – running backs are getting a gift to start. Here’s an obvious remedy for that, and so much more. The Jets are piss-poor at every position apart from 3-4 defensive end, and it’s such an embarrassment of riches that they’ve had to slot Richardson in at inside linebacker occasionally this season. Yet everywhere else, they need players. Here’s chance for a couple of picks in drafts to come.

Richardson will fetch a bounty because he’s a very good player, and he’ll be under contract for 2017 too. Washington needs to become that little bit more well-rounded to get into the playoffs, and this could be it.


Perfect: Brandon Marshall to Baltimore for a 2nd round and conditional 4th round pick



Brandon Marshall to the Baltimore Ravens for a 2nd round pick and conditional 4th round pick if the Ravens make the playoffs. The Jets are 2-5 with organizational issues that will prevent them from making a playoff run this season. Brandon Marshall is playing great, but at age 32 has never been on a playoff team and his window is getting smaller every year. The Ravens are on a 4 game losing streak mainly due to the woes of Flacco not producing like an elite QB. The Ravens are averaging 19 points a game with no consistent formula for success. Brandon Marshall is a big target at 6-4, and could ease the burden of Flacco actually having to play good. Marshall has proven to be good with historically bad quarterbacks including Ryan Fitzpatrick and Jay Cutler (twice).

(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Brandon Marshall would give the Ravens offense the big play and consistent ability it needs to score 25+ points a week and would turn things around in Baltimore. With Marshall at WR the Ravens could challenge for a playoff birth and even division title if the Steelers are without Big Ben for long. The Jets would benefit from this trade as well. A 2nd round draft pick and possible 4th rounder to free up 7.5 million in cap space that Marshall was scheduled to make next season. They would most likely have to pay for some of his existing salary this year, but would still save money. That money could be used to bring in a competent QB in free agency or be available to afford a trade for someone like Tony Romo in the off season. Possibilities are endless, but the Jets need to get a return on Marshall now while he is still in demand and under contract. In 2017 trading him as a 33 year old on his last contract year just won yield anything. No matter what the Jets do, their season is over so they might as well prepare for the future while giving Brandon Marshall the chance to compete for something in his final years in the league.

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