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Pro Bowl selections

Pro Bowl Selections

On Tuesday night, the league announced this years selections for the upcoming Pro Bowl. Four players were selected for the Giants, 1 on offense, 2 on defense and 1 on special teams. Here they are and also some notable “snubs”.

Odell Beckham Jr (3rd Pro Bowl)

Absolutely no surprises here, as Beckham has easily been one of the best receivers in the NFC, if not the NFL. The Giants offense has been struggling all season, with Eli Manning not playing at the top of his game, but OBJ has been incredible once again and at times, has carried this offense. Through week 15, Beckham has 85 receptions for 1173 yards and 10 touchdowns. Beckham becomes the first player in NFL history to record at least 80 catches & 1,000 receiving yards in each of his first 3 seasons.

Beckham is certainly in the upper echelon of wide receivers in the NFL (with Antonio Brown and Julio Jones), but for me OBJ is on his own when it comes to runs after the catch. He’s the best player in the NFL in the open field, with the ball in hand. There’s not many players in NFL history who can take a 6 yard slant pass and take it 60 yards for a touchdown, multiple times a season.


Janoris Jenkins (1st Pro Bowl)

Another no-brainer. Jenkins has been shutting down number 1 wide receivers all season long. As of week 15, passer rating vs the Giants defense is 2nd lowest in the league (76.0), which is only bested by the no-fly zone Broncos defense. Much of this success vs quarterbacks come back to Jenkins against teams number 1 wide receiver, as he forces the quarterback to look at other targets. Against the Cowboys in week 14, Jenkins only allowed Dez Bryant 1 reception, which he then force fumbled.

In terms of stats, Jenkins has been a solid tackler, tallying 48. He also has 1 sack and 3 interceptions. These stats don’t jump over the page but Jenkins play has been outstanding and he’s 2nd in the NFC with 20 passes defended.


Landon Collins (1st Pro Bowl)

Currently one of the best safeties in the league right now, Collins is playing at the top of his game. Collins has made a brilliant step up from his rookie season, where he looked out of sorts in pass coverage. He has continued to be a tackling wrecking ball this year, but more importantly, he’s become a dangerous play maker in the secondary for the Giants.

The most impressive thing about Collins is his tackling. He’s able to make plays at and behind the line of scrimmage in the running game and he’s excellent at blowing up screens. Already on the season, Collins has 108 tackles, 3 sacks and 5 interceptions, one of which he took back to the endzone. Collins looks so comfortable in this defense and look to him to make big plays in the playoffs.


Dwayne Harris (1st Pro Bowl)

The final Giants Pro Bowler, Dwayne Harris, selected as the NFC returner. Having watched every single one of the Giants games this season, I’m not entirely sure why Harris is going to the Pro Bowl. Harris has been okay, but various times during the season his decision-making has been poor. Not taking a knee in the endzone or not calling for fair catches, which is a big part of a returners game. Well done to Giants fans for getting Harris there though!

Notable “Snubs”

Damon Harrison- Rated as the best interior run stopper. Along with Jenkins, Snacks has been the best off-season signing.

Olivier Vernon- OV never comes off the field and is becoming as destructive as he was billed. 8.5 sacks.

Jason Pierre-Paul- An excellent year for JPP. Injury has hampered his Pro Bowl selection. 7 sacks. 3 forced fumbles

Justin Pugh- Been rock solid in a shaky offensive line. Run game looked a lot better with Pugh in the line up. Would certainly be in, if not for injury.

Brad Wing- 2 NFC Special Teams player of the week for Wing, who has been consistently good all year. 26 inside the 20 from 82 punts.



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