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Resilient Chiefs stun the Broncos 30-27

Resilient – that’s the only word that can describe the 2016 Chiefs. All season, the Chiefs have managed to stare down the barrel of a gun and somehow turn it around right at the death before the trigger is pulled.

The Week 12 matchup against the Denver Broncos was fast becoming a classic from the very start, as battled hardened defences on both sides exchanged blows throughout the first half and into the 3rd Quarter. Von Miller and Justin Houston were racking up the sack count as both Offensive units struggled to get anything going.

With only three minutes remaining in the 4th Qtr of regular time, Sanders burned past Gaines to put the nail in the coffin and put the game out of reach for the Chiefs at 16-24… or so we thought.

I remember thinking to myself “it’s 4am, I need sleep before I go to work in the morning, I’ve got to bail on this now, it’s game over, the Chiefs need a touchdown and 2pt conversion on the next drive, that ain’t going to happen.” But something kept me awake, something kept me watching the game.

My own resilience was starting to kick in at exactly the same time as the Chiefs. For those of us that stayed with it and watched until the end, congratulations my friends, we were rewarded BIG TIME weren’t we?

The final field goal attempt from Cairo Santos was one of those moments that will live long in the memory of Chiefs fans far and wide … and the kicked field goal was very nearly that too! With 5 seconds to go in overtime, Cairo Santos called the snap, lined up the shot and hooked the ball left towards the upright with a sickening “thunk!” sound. Chiefs hearts sank, Broncos fans behind the goal were cheering, albeit for only a few seconds, as the ball hit the inside of the upright and sailed into the hearts and minds of every long suffering Chiefs fan over the years … “it went in!”

(Isaiah J. Downing/ USA TODAY Sports)
(Isaiah J. Downing/ USA TODAY Sports)

It’s that kind of luck that the Chiefs never seemed to have for a long time now, but this season so far has provided the Chiefs with bucket loads of luck, however, I’m a big believer in making your own luck. Combining luck with resilience is a recipe for a winning formula. The Chiefs have dug deep in nearly all of their games this season (apart from the Steelers and Texans games obviously) and have found their resilience before being rewarded with a little bit of luck right at the end of games.

With a roster that is littered with injuries to star players and to beat the Broncos in their own backyard after the bye week, shows that the Chiefs have the resilience and the personnel to … just … keep … going!

Let’s be honest, the Chiefs offense has been woeful this season, but there are small sparks here and there that suggest the Chiefs offense could ignite at any moment. When it needs a confident drive, or a late touchdown, the offensive unit delivers when it matters most. It doesn’t matter if it hasn’t shown up all game, the fact the offense can kill teams off at the death shows that they can do it when they want to. These bright sparks appear in the form of Tyreek Hill & Spencer Ware, these guys are the fuel to the Chiefs fire, and along as they keep sparking, the Chiefs will eventually turn into a raging inferno at just the right time.

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