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The Miami Dolphins Must Not Select a QB in the 2019 NFL Draft

Should the Miami Dolphins use the 13th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft to select a quarterback? This is the question that has fans split as some argue that either Kyler Murray (highly unlikely), Dwayne Haskins (unlikely), Drew Lock (unlikely) or Daniel Jones (likely) will be available at pick 13.

The Dolphins have arguably the worst quarterback situation in the entire NFL and with the franchise entering a complete rebuild under the stewardship of GM Chris Grier and HC Brian Flores, the ‘fins have to address the most important position at some point. Despite this, I believe selecting a QB at 13th overall would be short-term thinking by the new regime.

The grass is much greener in 2020

#TankForTua is currently reverberating around #DolphinsTwitter. For many, the 2019 QB draft class does not stack up when compared to what is to come in 2020. A class that will feature Oregon’s Justin Herbet and likely Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa.

Yes it is still early in the process but both players look like generation talents, something that Miami has failed to find at the quarterback position since Marino hung up his cleats in 1999.

The argument goes, if Miami is serious about pulling itself out of the quagmire of mediocrity that has characterised the franchise this millennium why not go the NBA route and commit to a multi-year rebuild? If Tua or Herbert are lightyears ahead of this years batch of quarterbacks, why not be uncompetitive for a year and reap the rewards of the top overall pick. After all, the US’s sporting leagues are designed to give the most help to those who most need it through the draft system/

If Tua or Herbet can put the franchise on their back for the next 10-15 years, perhaps getting beat week in/ week out in 2019 might not be such a bad idea. I’m just saying.

2019 should be a time to compile blue chip players

If Miami goes down this route, which based on its current roster it appears ready to do, then the 2019 draft could be exciting. If Miami is completely unwilling to get into bed with a rookie QB in 2019, this is the year to sure up the trenches. After all, NFL games are won in the trenches. The ability to protect your own while getting after the other teams quarterback is often what wins games.

The Dolphins could certainly do with a stud pass rusher to replace Cameron Wake and there is an absurd amount of defensive line talent in the upcoming draft class. Alternatively, I believe there are a few offensive tackles such as Florida’s Jaawan Taylor or Oklahoma’s Cody Ford that could be plug-and-play tackles to keep Tua or Herbert upright for the next decade.

Alternatively, Miami could attempt to find a bruising athletic linebacker to pair with the young and promising duo of Raekwon McMillan and Jerome Baker who Miami currently have on the roster. LSU’s Devin White or Michigan’s Devin Bush are unlikely to both be taken before the 13th pick, Miami could pick up a new leader on defence to pair their promising young OLB’s and form a young nucleus alongside Minkah Fitzpatrick and Xavien Howard.

What if Miami takes a QB at number 13?

If Miami takes a quarterback at 13th overall, then there is no reason why they could not be the franchises saviour. I am very high on Drew Lock but believe his skillset is tailored to a specific type of offense and he requires a mentor in his offensive coordinator who is able to fully utilises his A+ arm talent. Am I convinced the new Dolphins under Brian Flores will be able to do that? No.

If Miami takes a quarterback at 13, it could work but I believe that it would indicate short-term thinking. From everything we’ve heard from the Dolphins since Adam Gase exited, they appear to be all about the long-game.

I think Miami would be much better served loading on blue-chip prospects who either Tua or Herbert could work with as a rookie and in the year aheads. Miami should sit out 2019. They need to secure the number one overall pick in order to secure their franchise quarterback for the next decade. Miami needs to think long-term and while others overreach for quarterbacks in 2019, admit that they’re not going to the Super Bowl this year and instead harvest up blue-chip prospects who are can’t miss prospects, just like Minkah Fitzpatrick was!

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